CCPIT Qingdao (CCOIC Qingdao)

The transnational bridge to carry out international business exchange and cooperation

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Qingdao Sub-council, and China Chamber of International Commerce, Qingdao Chamber, is The local branch of CCPIT, the international-business-promotion organization that belongs to Qingdao Municipal Government.

China Chamber of International Commerce, Qingdao Chamber (CCOIC Qingdao) is the social organization composed of enterprises, associations and individuals that engage in international businesses.

Mission Statement

We engage in friendly business cooperation with all countries and trade regions. We help local companies establish international business contacts. We promote international economic and technological trade, investment and cooperation in Qingdao. We are dedicated to opening Qingdao to the outside world.

1.Membership service

To hold various kinds of membership activities;to provide tailoredservices for member companies to conduct international business cooperation

To set up economic and trade information database; to compile and publish information bulletins and relevant periodicals; to provide member companies with economic and trade information●

To speak for business communities; to convey member companies’ and●

To accept membership applications from enterprises, associations andindividuals and recruit qualified members●

To provide work guidance to CCPIT & CCOIC branches in urban districtsand county-level cities of Qingdao

To maintain and manage the official website of CCPIT Qingdao;


2. International Conference & Exhibition

To formulate and coordinate the exhibition industry development plan and the annual overseas & domestic exhibition participation plan

To organize local companies to participate in overseas trade shows and exhibitions and help them expand their market shares overseas

To organize large-scale conferences and exhibitions that are designated by theQingdao Municipal Government

To organize and chair various exhibitions and conferences in Qingdao

To attract international show management and co-host exhibitions andinternational conferences in Qingdao

To provide related services for participant enterprises

To host and organize various kinds of exhibition training programs and lectures


3. Investment promotion

To provide consultation on the Chinese investment climate including policies andregulations and do market survey

To recommend investment venues and business partners

To prepare application documents, complete incorporation procedures andrecruit employees on an agency basis

To coordinate the relationship among foreign investors, local businesspartners and the government

To assist foreign organizations in holding investment meetings in Qingdao

To organize delegations to make business visits overseas and arrangebusiness meetings with foreign companiesTo invite and receive foreign business delegations

To be a regular liaison with cooperating chambers of commerce and other overseasbusiness organizations for further cooperation

To study international economic and trade situations; to collecteconomic and trade information; to edit and circulate the “International Business News” periodical

To be an official agency that provides business visa services

To provide English, Japanese, Korean, Germen, and French written and verbal translation services


4.Legal Affairs

To issue the Certificate of Origin for export goods and the Certificate of Origin for Tariff Concessions

To issue ATA Carnets and international commercial certificates

To handle the issues of foreign-related commercial document authentication, consular authentication and Force Majeure Certification

To mediate disputes of foreign trade, marine affairs and other commercial affairs

To provide legal consultation, arbitration agency and legal advisorservices for international businesses

To do patent applications and trademark registrations for export goodson an agency basis

To provide legal affairs training for international businesses


5. International procurement

Services for International Buyers:

1、Providing online search service of Chinese Suppliers ; providing service of posting B2B online enquiries and online communication tools; providing email subscription service about suppliers’ new product information.

2、Assisting in organizing sourcing events by inviting suitable suppliers to attend the event and organizing one-to-one meetings;providing services of interpretation , arranging plant visit and business travels.

3、providing buying agent service and import & export trading agent service;

4、Assisting in setting up buying office or trading company in Qingdao, providing policy & laws consultation , office locating service, business registration formalities service and human resources service.

Services for Suppliers:

1、Providing online search service of buyers ; providing service of posting B2B online offers and online communication tools; providing email subscription service about buyers’ enquires.

2、Organizing suppliers to attend exhibitions and sourcing events held in Qingdao, providing pre-matching and assistance service not only before the events , but also in and after the events.

3、Organizing seminars and training courses about international trading policy, professional knowledge and management technology.

4、Providing services of website design & construction, search engine optimization, multilingual translation and multi-channel promotion .